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Edibles The Alternative To Smoking

Edibles the alternative to smoking are getting more and more popular everyday. What are the differences between edibles and cannabis bud


Lot’s of people always wonder what edibles are all about; I know I questioned it before trying it. The amount of times you watch movies and always see the typical “brownie” stereotype always sat in the back of my head. Was that really the only food that would have cannabis in it? Well of course not, but in my naive moment of life it was my thought process. I now know that there are so many different types of edibles. Ranging from candies to drinks to pastries with different levels of THC and strains. When I tried it I had friends for my first time eating some gummy bears and I wanted to indulge myself into eating the whole bag. I was told, “you really don’t want to eat the whole bag in one sitting” – probably being the best advice my friends could have done for me. The golden rule for the ingestion of marijuana is always start small. The reason for this is that it undergoes a completely different metabolic process through your body and if it is eaten in massive quantities will lead to a very bad experience.

Let’s talk a little about why it gets you higher than if you were to smoke cannabis. The process in which it undergoes is that it reaches your stomach and the THC is then passed through your liver and transforms it into 11-hydroxy-THC. This type of THC penetrates the brain with ease causing the high that you get to be real heightened. It does take longer to get high due to how the process works; we’re talking around half an hour and up to two hours. When you smoke it usually is in much higher concentrations, but because of how it is processed within the body, eating hits you a lot harder. Since it takes a while to attain that high it is common that a person might continue to eat, but being patient will pay off. A smoking high usually tends to come on quicker and then diminish quickly, however with edibles it may last up to 2 hours depending on the type you are eating – this is because of how different the THC is when you smoke.

The good thing about edibles is that since the effects are much more intense it can be a better remedy for chronic pain. If a medical patient were not a fan of the harshness of smoking they could simply transverse to eating and avoid the general smoking atmosphere. Let’s be honest though, how can you not try a marijuana infused pack of sour patch kids? I know I sure can’t and you have got to at least try it once!

As always, have fun with your marijuana ventures!

The Effects of Alcohol Versus Cannabis

The Effects of Alcohol

As most people know alcohol is sometimes compared to cannabis in the manner in which you get high or drunk. Some people will ask if its the same, or how it differs. Now, being drunk is actually very similar, which is probably why the question even arises. Alcohol tends to make you feel lighter. This affect can lead to many things such as walking weird – stumbling into things that you normally wouldn’t. You lose the ability to fully function with some muscles. The tongue for example – when you lose mobility with it to a certain extent you start to mumble because it’s harder to say certain sounds of letters without it. Visually, its harder to gauge things, you lose some peripheral vision and not to mention it might affect how you see the world – Spinning, leaning, and swirling.
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The Difference of Smoking a Joint Versus a Bowl

I’ve met a lot of people who ask the question, “Whats better a joint, or a bowl?”. This was kind of hard when I got asked the first time, since I was really high on some pretty harsh Indica strand. Later, I realized that it was a pretty legit question. I went to work and did some research, I took my marijuana and rolled me a joint, afterwards I waited a day before I got my bowl and lit it up. I was really trying to make sure the experience was fair for each test. With my findings and a few opinions I’ll let you know some key differences.

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The Difference Between Smoking Dabs Versus Bud


As previously mentioned in a prior blog post dabs give off a ridiculous high. The reason for this is the crazy levels of THC. The high end bud that goes around has usually levels 20-30% THC, whereas dabs can go up to 50%. This level of THC enables a high that is so profound that it nearly becomes possible to overdose. With this it can give you a high that can be really uncomfortable, or possibly even make you pass out. Mind you, this doesn’t happen a lot but can happen. Furthermore, the process in which dabs is created is that of science. Dabs are created by extracting THC and CBD using a solvent like butane or carbon dioxide. This creates a sticky oil substance known as wax, shatter, butter and a few other names. Extracting pure THC results in Dabs giving the fastest and most efficient way of getting really high.
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The Dab Effect: The 3 Types You Should Know About

Dab And Their Effects

Whether you’re a new or a fashioned Dab user, you may know the tremendously strong effects of using them. In contrast to smoking a blunt or a joint the dab is superior in reaching that great high that you are seeking. In my experience, a dab will throw you into a whole new realm of high, the feeling that you get is intensified probably ten-fold of that in just smoking a blunt or out of a bong. This of course is altered by how much of a tolerance you have built through constant substance intake. Either way, if that real fast acting high is what you seek then dabs will get you there. In the upcoming sections we will talk about three different variances of dabs that I have tried and I will let you know a little more about my experiences with them

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My Long Term Drug Mentality


Growing up the word ‘drugs’ was a very general term used to depict every single drug in existence. When I was younger it was presented as something that would be detrimental to my well being. In elementary school there would often be anti-drug spokespersons that would come in and say how if you were to get involved with drugs that you would end up hurting yourself or others.
Of course, now we have gone through extensive studies and research to find out that not ALL drugs are detrimental to your well being — one of them being marijuana. As a kid though, because of the way our society was it was very hard to get to the point to understand that marijuana wasn’t as bad as it was made out to be. The propaganda that was intentionally made to keep kids away from the stuff was so embedded into my mind that it was a very radical idea for me to change my view on it.

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