Bud versus Dab

The Difference Between Smoking Dabs Versus Bud


As previously mentioned in a prior blog post dabs give off a ridiculous high. The reason for this is the crazy levels of THC. The high end bud that goes around has usually levels 20-30% THC, whereas dabs can go up to 50%. This level of THC enables a high that is so profound that it nearly becomes possible to overdose. With this it can give you a high that can be really uncomfortable, or possibly even make you pass out. Mind you, this doesn’t happen a lot but can happen. Furthermore, the process in which dabs is created is that of science. Dabs are created by extracting THC and CBD using a solvent like butane or carbon dioxide. This creates a sticky oil substance known as wax, shatter, butter and a few other names. Extracting pure THC results in Dabs giving the fastest and most efficient way of getting really high.

A standout difference between bud and dabs is that when you smoke dabs you burn it on an apparatus made specifically for dabbing. There are a few different setups. There are oil rigs normally consisting of a nail, dome and holder. A Domeless Nail is another one that removes the need to remove and replace the dome. You instead just heat the nail and apply the concentrate directly onto the nail. There are a few more that I wont go over, but the general idea is you heat up the nail and apply the wax, oil, or butter then inhale through the apparatus and that is the process in which you take a dab.


There is a lot of information around about cannabis, so I wont go into too much detail about it. The main difference though is as previously stated the THC levels. If you have been using dry herb for a really long time your tolerance levels might be a little high, resulting in the reasoning to switching over to dabs.
While there are some clear pro’s and con’s to smoking both dabs or bud, it’s ultimately up to you to define the experience in which you seek – Here is a list that I’ve created with some of them:

Some Differences Between Smoking Dabs Versus Bud

  • Dry herb smells a lot more than dabs. Dabs will only usually smell while its being burned.
  • When smoking dry herb you will also be inhaling plant material which offers no value at all.
  • Dry herb Produces lots of secondhand smoke. Hardly any with dabs, most is inhaled by the user.
  • It is in some cases easier to store your bud. With certain types of dabs, such as shatter – if stored in temperatures that are higher than normal it can become gooey and sticky.
  • There is also a slight risk that your dab can acquire an odd flavor if stored improperly.
  • Dabs can be somewhat more focused oriented, having to use a torch or an apparatus to use dabs might be harder for someone who is handicapped.

In many ways though, there isn’t much of a difference between them other than the manufacturing and process in which they are made. This might seem as if this blog entry were more inclined towards dabbing but I assure you if smoking your bud is what makes you chill and happy then you should continue doing that. Dabbing can after all be a little too much for first timers and that might be just enough to sway you away. Have fun with your smoking ventures!