The difference between a joint and a bowl

The Difference of Smoking a Joint Versus a Bowl

I’ve met a lot of people who ask the question, “Whats better a joint, or a bowl?”. This was kind of hard when I got asked the first time, since I was really high on some pretty harsh Indica strand. Later, I realized that it was a pretty legit question. I went to work and did some research, I took my marijuana and rolled me a joint, afterwards I waited a day before I got my bowl and lit it up. I was really trying to make sure the experience was fair for each test. With my findings and a few opinions I’ll let you know some key differences.

Smoking a joint

The jay is my favorite. It brings me back for some reason, I feel nostalgic and I love it. I really enjoy the ritual of rolling my joint gets me a little focused and ready to smoke it. I found that it tastes really good too, you also have great control of how much you take in at a time enabling you to avoid taking in a huge hit that hits pretty harsh. The one thing that I don’t like about joints though, is that it’s really inefficient. You end up putting like .25 grams when you roll it but then when you start smoking you don’t get nearly as much THC from it as you would from doing something else. It’s just a big waste of your cannabis. So, if you’re interested in being efficient with your weed a joint will probably not do it for you. However, for me getting high with a joint is a nice chill experience. It’s a little slower but sometimes it’s really great to just enjoy it as I slowly get high. Or you could simply take massive hits and get really blazed a lot faster, totally up to you how you wanna smoke it. When I’m done I find that the roach is much easier to dispose too.

The Bowl

My experience with the bowl wasn’t as good as the joint. I noticed that it was way easier to burn my throat. It’s like an unregulated flow of hot air having a party in the back of your throat. The high was way less enjoyable to me, maybe I was irritated about my throat. I think it gets you higher faster, just because you take in pretty big hits. I’m also not a big fan of the smell of the bowl after I was done – it just smells like burnt weed. Now I’m not necessarily saying I completely hate bowls, I actually enjoy them at times. The problem with them is just a few nitpick things I really didn’t like after thinking about it. I do like it in certain environments like with friends because I feel it gives me a really good social high. When I use a joint, it’s a much better experience alone.

Roll it up, we done

To sum it up, here are the good things about joints in my opinion.

Joint – Good things
  • Versatility. Can easily control what you want. Do you want to get high slowly? Or do you want to just burn it as fast as you can and take massive hits and go for that blazed beyond feel?
  • The roach is much easier to dispose of, or you can can use the roaches later and create another joint over time.
  • Taste is really good.
Bowl – Good things
  • Great social high.
  • Faster high.
  • More efficient with your marijuana