Alcohol versus cannabis

The Effects of Alcohol Versus Cannabis

The Effects of Alcohol

As most people know alcohol is sometimes compared to cannabis in the manner in which you get high or drunk. Some people will ask if its the same, or how it differs. Now, being drunk is actually very similar, which is probably why the question even arises. Alcohol tends to make you feel lighter. This affect can lead to many things such as walking weird – stumbling into things that you normally wouldn’t. You lose the ability to fully function with some muscles. The tongue for example – when you lose mobility with it to a certain extent you start to mumble because it’s harder to say certain sounds of letters without it. Visually, its harder to gauge things, you lose some peripheral vision and not to mention it might affect how you see the world – Spinning, leaning, and swirling.

I think the most important thing to note though, is how it effects your body. Alcohol is a menace when it comes to your body. Occasionally drinking with the pals is fine, but bingeing and drinking heavily has short term and long term problems. You can get high blood pressure, which can increase the chance for a stroke or heart attack. It can weaken the heart and in return effects many organs of your body. You can have memory loss and blackouts from drinking too much. This can cause permanent damage to your brain, causing learning disabilities at a young age and making it harder to focus. Drinking too much can cause fat buildups in your liver which causes your liver to become inflamed and ultimately leads to alcohol hepatitis. Continuing to drink under this condition can cause liver failure and death. There are too many risks with over indulging in alcohol and with that comes the increased probability of getting cancer in many organs of your body. The effects of alcohol are so much worse than weed.

The Effects of Marijuana

Let’s start this out by saying the high that you get is a lot like being drunk, but perhaps less severe in terms of potency and punishment to your body. The effects of alcohol versus Marijuana is dependent on the intake of each amount. Obviously consuming alcohol in large amounts will result in the biggest impact. The same is true for weed. However, the short and long term effects of marijuana differ drastically. So much in fact that it’s used for medical purposes in more than 23 states. Alcohol can cause cancer and marijuana can help bring cancer to a stop. The benefits of marijuana only get better, it can help with so many things. It can ease your anxiety, your insomnia, and all sorts of psychological disorders.

The downside is this, marijuana seems to effect everyone different. Not all the time will it help a person with their woes in life. In fact, it can do the opposite and increase the severity of them. Anxiety is the perfect example. Some people have found that using marijuana when they have intense anxiety only increases the anxiety and leads to an hour or so of panic induced torture. I myself have this issue, but it comes down to picking and choosing your marijuana. Since weed can have so many different strands engineered to help specifically for a need, the flexibility to move on to some other strand enables you to try and bypass the issue.

My response

The obvious thing that came to my mind, was simply to not indulge as much in alcohol and try to smoke more weed. Now I’m not gonna tell anyone to stop drinking altogether because there are some alcoholic drinks that can prove good for you – like drinking wine. But, I will suggest that if you are a heavy drinker and you dislike the effects of alcohol mentioned in this blog then maybe you might wanna take it a little slower and instead light a bowl and enjoy the fine medical and recreational feelings that it gives you.

Once again, enjoy your smoking ventures and please drink responsibly. 🙂