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My Long Term Drug Mentality


Growing up the word ‘drugs’ was a very general term used to depict every single drug in existence. When I was younger it was presented as something that would be detrimental to my well being. In elementary school there would often be anti-drug spokespersons that would come in and say how if you were to get involved with drugs that you would end up hurting yourself or others.
Of course, now we have gone through extensive studies and research to find out that not ALL drugs are detrimental to your well being — one of them being marijuana. As a kid though, because of the way our society was it was very hard to get to the point to understand that marijuana wasn’t as bad as it was made out to be. The propaganda that was intentionally made to keep kids away from the stuff was so embedded into my mind that it was a very radical idea for me to change my view on it.

As Time Passes

Now as I am older, the idea of making a business to sell marijuana to a wide range of people; it came to me as a very disturbing thought. I had to think outside of my older mentality what I was taught my whole life. To think forward and positively, and use the knowledge that I learned about it to transverse my train of thought. It was challenging to say the least, but with the help of a few friends and the internet I came to the understanding that it does have its purpose. Marijuana’s  purposes are beneficial towards a healthy sustainable lifestyle. In that thought, I have gained new insight. What it does for my friends is help them sleep at night. It can help you relax after a long day of work and not stress about everyday life. I have known many people who’s life has been changed because of marijuana. One person goes from being depressed and lethargic to happy and healthy and another who goes from no drive to becoming an ambitious entrepreneur.

New Mentality

Growing marijuana is something I had to consider very carefully for myself and mentality as a person. Once I discovered that it wasn’t bad, I began to think that what if I was able to provide for people what I’ve been missing out on my whole life. At a young age I wouldn’t recommend smoking marijuana because of social pressure and looking cool. You probably should only use marijuana in a situation where you are not pressured and it is your choice.  To define yourself and not let other influences shift your thought processes on what is bad or what isn’t – is something that I believe should be absent from your environment while using marijuana. With this belief I understand that not all people are going to be like that, but in most cases I believe marijuana can be a gateway towards a happy life even if the situation in which you partake isn’t ideal.