Butter Dabs

The Dab Effect: The 3 Types You Should Know About

Dab And Their Effects

Whether you’re a new or a fashioned Dab user, you may know the tremendously strong effects of using them. In contrast to smoking a blunt or a joint the dab is superior in reaching that great high that you are seeking. In my experience, a dab will throw you into a whole new realm of high, the feeling that you get is intensified probably ten-fold of that in just smoking a blunt or out of a bong. This of course is altered by how much of a tolerance you have built through constant substance intake. Either way, if that real fast acting high is what you seek then dabs will get you there. In the upcoming sections we will talk about three different variances of dabs that I have tried and I will let you know a little more about my experiences with them

Super Sour

This variance is great, I completely recommend it for the greater purpose of focusing and just feeling clear. The high itself was very head high, my body didn’t take quite as much as my head did and it was awesome. I really enjoyed the smell and the overall feel of it going down. It was super smooth and smelled really fruity, didn’t even get cotton mouth – just an overall great experience. If feeling great about life and wanting to feel motivated is for you, than this is a great dab experience!

Pineapple Trainwreck

On this variance, It felt very similar to Super Sour. The key differences were that it was a bit more of a body high – not as high as normal Trainwreck but it was definitely there. The balance of the head high and the body high was actually really good. It also wasn’t nearly as smooth going down, but still enjoyable. I felt as if it was a bit harder to focus on things but not completely out of focus, just a little skittish if you will. I had a little bit of cotton mouth which I didn’t personally enjoy, but as always it’s worth it. I would probably not recommend this for anything that requires an intense focus on stuff, but for watching Netflix or surfing the web, it’s not too bad. Although the experience itself wasn’t too terrible, there are other hybrid strands that are much better in my opinion.

Larry OG

Insomnia? Not after taking this guy. You will probably want to just fall flat face on the ground and sleep. This guy sends you straight to your dreams. Great if you want to just melt away on your couch, otherwise not the best for productivity. For me, this one really helps me get to bed, I have always been a terrible night owl which is so debilitating when you have college classes in the early morning. On the other hand, the smell and taste aren’t very pleasing. Pretty much like the dirt it grew in, if you like the taste of dirt then you’ll absolutely love it – myself on the other hand not completely satisfied with it. Oh yea, the cotton mouth is the mother of all cotton mouths. I’m pretty sure my tongue was glued to the ceiling of my mouth. Chill N’ Sleep is the motto for this one.


To easily sum this up, I want to say that each dab variance has it’s own purpose. Sometimes experimenting with them with certain tasks is the best way to find out which one will work best. Everyone may have a different experience, but I promise you that it’s pretty consistent with my findings. Super Sour always puts me in a motivated mood, great for at home projects or working from home. Pineapple Trainwreck, although similar to Super Sour I’d much prefer Super sour over it. If anything for me, it was the experience that I got out of it. Larry OG put me under my sheets real quick. I hope that you enjoyed the experiences that I shared and found it even remotely helpful in your decision on which to go with. Goodluck with your dabbing ventures!