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The Difference Between Smoking Dabs Versus Bud


As previously mentioned in a prior blog post dabs give off a ridiculous high. The reason for this is the crazy levels of THC. The high end bud that goes around has usually levels 20-30% THC, whereas dabs can go up to 50%. This level of THC enables a high that is so profound that it nearly becomes possible to overdose. With this it can give you a high that can be really uncomfortable, or possibly even make you pass out. Mind you, this doesn’t happen a lot but can happen. Furthermore, the process in which dabs is created is that of science. Dabs are created by extracting THC and CBD using a solvent like butane or carbon dioxide. This creates a sticky oil substance known as wax, shatter, butter and a few other names. Extracting pure THC results in Dabs giving the fastest and most efficient way of getting really high.
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The Dab Effect: The 3 Types You Should Know About

Dab And Their Effects

Whether you’re a new or a fashioned Dab user, you may know the tremendously strong effects of using them. In contrast to smoking a blunt or a joint the dab is superior in reaching that great high that you are seeking. In my experience, a dab will throw you into a whole new realm of high, the feeling that you get is intensified probably ten-fold of that in just smoking a blunt or out of a bong. This of course is altered by how much of a tolerance you have built through constant substance intake. Either way, if that real fast acting high is what you seek then dabs will get you there. In the upcoming sections we will talk about three different variances of dabs that I have tried and I will let you know a little more about my experiences with them

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